Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Treat yourself or someone special to the delightful charm of artwork that you will adore. This is original hand-painted personalized artwork. Each piece is acrylic paint on wrapped canvas, wood plaque, or flat panel canvas. Most work is finished with a gloss varnish and hints of glitter as well as a ribbon for hanging. If you like the pictures shown, you will love them in person. They really are alive with personality!

Choose from the selection shown for ideas or create your own color scheme from bedding, etc. The individuality of each piece is exciting and makes a unique gift for someone special to enjoy for years to come.

A picture by email of the bedding or paint sample cards from the store are ideas to communicate the color scheme wanted for your unique piece. One customer asked for 'Downey bottle blue'...a great idea to make sure the right color is used! Please note, the color settings on monitors may alter accuracy of colors shown.

See listings in my ETSY shop for current prices size options and shipping.

Email me to place your order or for further questions:


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