Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sand Art For Pre-Schoolers

Color the sand.

Squeeze on the glue...LOTS OF GLUE!

Shake on the sand.

Squish it in your fingers....MAKE A MESS!

Clean up with water play!

Sand Art for Children
It is all about the PROCESS not the PRODUCT.
: dry play sand in baggies, food coloring, white glue, cardboard, towels
Process: Squeeze food coloring into bag of sand, SEAL BAG WELL, shake- shake- shake. Mix colors and allow for color exploration. Allow child to squeeze glue all over cardboard. Younger children will pool glue and love just squeezing it out without any intention for a "picture".
Big fun. (Stock up now while glue is only .22 cents for back to school.)
Older children can draw simple outlines with the glue to create a picture.
We snipped the corner of the bag and shook out the sand. (A shaker bottle would be great like an old Parmesan cheese container!) Allow children to MAKE A MESS. The manipulation of the glue and sand together is great tactile exploration. Shake off excess sand and enjoy an original abstract sand art creation! Clean up is always fun too!
(Food coloring may stain hands for a day or so.)

Be Creative! Have Fun!

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isk8r said...

You know, I've been really excited about seeing these neat art ideas for kids (and not just because of the cute "model" in your photos, although I've enjoyed seeing her, as well) because I'm thinking I might try some of them with my kids this year in class! This one sounds like great fun - especially for a "party day" - like our water fun day or something!