Tuesday, August 1, 2006


charleston savannah vacation 016 I LOVE CREATING ART!

and playing photographer!

As a kid I was always making things….I am a maker….never am I bored!

I love chocolate, coffee, and red wine…I can’t sing or cook fancy to save my life! Thankfully my daughter still asks for songs at bedtime each night and my husband is a fantastic cook! It all works out. I am a southern girl…born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana…college in Mobile, Alabama and now live in the sunny state of Florida. Needless to say, this red-head has tons of sunscreen and BIG sun hats all the time!


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I am so right brained it is freaky…classic introvert. When I took my studio art classes for my Masters, I wished that I could just stay in school forever and take art class after art class. I am sort of doing just that right now. When a custom order is placed, it is an assignment for me to meet and exceed that expectation. I love it…love it...love it! I have found my passion and am so thankful.

art fun group reducedI have a Masters in Art Education…and a Masters in Therapeutic Recreation…and Sallie Mae loves me.

I taught ART at the middle school level before our daughter was born. I dream of a studio where I can create all day and offer art classes to all ages.

My family is my love. I am very blessed and so happy. That doesn’t mean it is always easy, but taking one day at a time helps.

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