Thursday, May 14, 2009

Custom Canvas for Boys: Speedster Racer

 willspitstop will#10

It seems like I do so many custom designs for girls. I love the opportunity to create something for little boys! Will was born on October 10th so his mom went with this cool speedster racer with the number 10 as a theme in his room. Isn’t the round canvas awesome! It is 20 inches in diameter. Sooooo many possibilities for that one! Will’s Pit Stop is a 16x20 canvas, both hang from double ribbon with a painted knob to finish it off.

This process starts with sketches to make sure the design, fonts, and colors are right. Then I work some creative magic and voila your custom piece is ready for your home!Contact me when you’re ready to start yours!

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Christina said...

LOVE this Patti!! So nice to see more for boys!