Friday, May 29, 2009

Custom Table Top Frames

angie&toddframe youaremysunshineframe

A personalized frame is such a fantastic gift for a wedding. The frame on the left has a subtle cream stripe in the background with the monogram used on  the wedding invitation. A very sentimental gift the couple will always treasure.

The frame on the right is very popular with the lyrics from “You Are My Sunshine”. I will have a variety of sizes custom made for the wall that will be ideal for this song! Contact me if you’d like one as the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

Warning….if you plan to give it as a gift….it may be hard to pry it out of your hands…!!!!

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Jamie Girl said...

patti... i just had an idea!! laurie and i have been searching for a gift to give ALL of our brides, and i think a personalized wedding frame like this would be PERFECT!!! i will chat with laurie and get her thoughts, but i think this would be brilliant! will you email me this pic with a few different price options??