Thursday, October 14, 2010

Custom, Custom and more Custom Artwork

patti holcombe tray

This is a tray painted with acrylic for a Fall theme. I am working as an outside artist for DecoArt Inc. It is really fun. They send me several ideas they need completed and I choose what I want to do! I even got boxes and boxes of DecoArt paints, brushes, etc. this summer! It was like Christmas for me! My 4 year old was so entertained by my reaction. I don’t think she has ever seen me so giddy!

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  The white plaque above was an interesting request. Kayla took a chance on me making exactly what she wanted. I keep saying anything is possible.  It was all hand-painted with a very tiny paint brush!  Here is her reaction:

“It is fantastic. I love it!!! Wow, this turned out amazing! :)” K.F.


This canvas is 8”x 24” and has the subtle ‘A’ super hero symbol in the background for big brother Aiden. What a cute idea! I love what my clients come up with for custom requests!

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