Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doodles DoOdLEs DooDLes inspired by Pinterest!

doodle 1 doodle2
Are you on Pinterest? It is seriously addicting and made for everyone, but especially fabulous for visual people. I get lost and find awesome artists and inspiration. If you visit my art journal/sketchbook doodles board, you will find some very cool sites to visit! I could do these doodles all day! I love the message Pinterest sends to find what interests you and then DO IT!
What have you done?
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Chareen said...

pretty. I admire people who can doodle and come up with a masterpiece !
Popping in from Pams

Pam Barnhill said...

Well you know that I am a huge fan. Thanks for linking up. Anyway the something like the top one could be put on a canvas or framed so someone could put it in their home?

Patti Holcombe said...

Thanks Chareen and Pam!I would love to work on some to be reproduced....on the list! I love the link up for motivation to get results from all those pins! Great idea Pam!

Sarah said...

Oh good grief- you are an AWESOME doodler! My doodles aren't nearly so pretty! :)