Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Riley Madison Holcombe

June 2008
Oh, the simple pleasures in life.

April 2008. Riley got into her dress-up box before our morning walk with Kardon. What a sight to see walking down the sidewalk....constant entertainment!

March 2008, Riley is talking like crazy and loves walking instead of riding in the stroller when we walk our dog! She picks up as much as she can hold along the way...pine straw, sticks, acorns...she is a trip!

It is so cool to feed the giraffe at the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo. It is really freaky when that long rough tongue whips around and eats the cracker from your hand! Riley and I both giggled like crazy every time!

I took Riley to Honeymoon Island for her 2 year old pictures in November. There are a handful (out of almost 200 shots) that take my breath away.

Riley turned 2 years old!

July 2007... Sweet baby girl...not a baby anymore!

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