Friday, June 12, 2009

LARGE 18”x 18” CUSTOM WOOD BOX FRAME …a wedding gift



Tears…I am expecting tears when this wedding gift is opened.  The design and colors are inspired from the couples wedding invitation. What a unique, thoughtful, personal gift to be treasured always! Since most people don’t have their wedding invitation hanging on the wall this custom frame is the perfect way to remember that special day and smile. 

I am waiting to hear about the reaction….I always love that part!

The frame is 18”x 18” solid wood, custom made by hand. It is entirely hand-painted in acrylic and finished with a matte varnish. All lettering is by hand  with much love and time (as well as a little obsession for perfection) going into each piece.  This is a functional work of art…what could be better?

Please contact me for more information on commission pieces.


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DolceBaci said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and best of luck to you in our drawing! Your work is fabulous!! What a great wedding gift!