Friday, June 19, 2009

My Little Artist

rileys canvas art zoom  rileys canvas art hip perfectionrileys canvas art holding

Riley LOVES to paint. What 3 year old doesn’t ? We needed something above her bed so what better than her own artwork! I love her ‘people’ you can see the stages of development here and to see her create these little guys makes me beam with excitement. I preach process not product, I know, so all I did was encourage a person and then she could paint whatever else she wanted….just not over the person!!! She is so proud of her canvas. I think it is so important to display their creations and give specific, genuine praise. Acrylic on canvas with a three year old….great art fun.


Pam said...

First of all, most excellent photos. Secondly, she doesn't look like her mom at all. ;-p Thanks for the link to development and love her painting!

isk8r said...

Oh, Patti! LOVE these and Riley looks so grown up in those photos! (yikes!) Sigh, such a pretty, sweet, talented girl you have there!